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We were delighted to sponsor some of Olivia’s art work for 2012. She studies the natural forms of raw materials, investigating pure physical shape and seeing them as expressions of nature’s soul – she explores the beauty and conflict of science and nature, and the process of erosion and age. Materials, what they can do, and how far they can be can be pushed, motivate her. Mother Nature permits room for manipulation of her original conception; the raw materials have the influence, strength, and power, which incite Olivia’s ability to control and engage with their reactions. She can take them the distance – Experiment. That word fuels her; the outcome is in the hands of the material, and not her. She is simply the translator of the mark. “I don’t have the power in my own artist’s equation. Truth to materials.”

ME + Materials + Nature + Science –> Curiosity -> Unpredictability

Unpredictability… She waits to discover the result. Truth to raw materials, setting up a scenario to be a catalyst, which allows the results to occur, constantly pushing her work and thought process to the edge of comprehension.