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1) Appearance and first impressions

You are what you wear and your style of dress will create the first impression.

Male candidates are advised to wear a conventional dark-coloured suit with a white shirt and an unobtrusive tie. Wear dark socks to blend with your suit and do ensure that your shoes are clean and well polished.

Female candidates are advised to look professional, i.e. wear a conventional suit or co-ordinating jacket and smart skirt. Choose colours carefully and ensure that you wear tights or stockings. If you wish to wear a trouser suit, it must be a very smart one. Do ensure that your shoes are clean and well polished. It is advisable not to wear lots of frills, low necklines, very high heels or lots of make-up or heavy jewellery. If you are wearing nail varnish, make sure it is not chipped or the colour too bright.

For both male and female candidates, you are advised to familiarise yourself, if possible, with the dress code of the company. For example, media companies may have a more casual dress code than listed above.

Retail staff should also ensure that they are smartly dressed, as if working on the shop floor. Female candidates should wear a black skirt suit, minimal jewellery and if they have long hair, should wear it tied back.

2) Preparation

Do ensure that you prepare your interview outfit in advance and that all your clothes are smart and clean, that is dry-cleaned, freshly laundered and pressed, and where necessary, repaired, i.e. loose buttons, etc. Make sure that you wear an outfit that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Do keep accessories to a minimum and choose clothes that flatter your shape and do remember to check yourself in a full length mirror before leaving home.

3) Grooming

Do ensure that your hair is clean, neatly cut and well brushed. Likewise, ensure that your hands and fingernails are clean. Don’t wear too much aftershave or perfume and hide any piercings or tattoos. You should have no facial piercings. Do carry yourself with confidence and stand tall.