How to make a good first impression at interview

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Seven seconds is all it takes to create a good (or bad) first impression according to the Harvard Business Review.  This means that even before answering those interview questions, you have to work hard to put the best version of yourself over to the prospective employer.

The key to success is to totally understand yourself, the Interviewer and the business where you hope to be working!  Self-awareness can sound daunting but knowing your strengths, as well as being aware of any weaknesses, can make all the difference when in an interview situation.  This will help you plan some discussion points at interview.  Think of scenario’s where you have been working under pressure; managed to juggle a variety of duties; prioritising work load; organising complicated diaries/travel arrangements etc!  All these examples will help when being asked challenging questions.  Practice with friends who know you and ask for honest feedback.

Knowledge of your audience is crucial for your interview, so take time to read up on who you are meeting.  Search the internet and read press releases, so that you have a good understanding of the Interviewers career path and achievements.  Everybody likes it when someone takes the time to acknowledge something great they have done, so show you are interested and ask questions about how they achieved it!