Don’t break into a sweat searching for candidates – Ashley Stewart can cool things down on the recruitment front!

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Ashley Stewart knows that finding the perfect candidate can be challenging and stressful with limited hours in the day. They understand the importance of making the recruitment process as stress free as possible by supporting companies fulfill their recruitment needs quickly and effectively.

They make it their priority to take on board client’s exact requirements ensuring they deliver the perfectly matched candidate who can add great value to the company.  It is equally important to them that the candidate feels that they are being matched with a position that offers them career progression and a Consultancy who can represent them in a professional way.

The friendly professional team work with clients throughout the process from start to finish, sourcing, assessing and interviewing relevant candidates for their wide range of vacancies.

Ashley Stewart meet all candidates in person to make sure they have the right skills ensuring both the client and candidate are happy and pleased with the whole recruitment process.

The Retail Division specialises in recruiting for the following areas – Sales Consultant, Senior Sales Consultants, Supervisors, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, Retail Managers, Area Managers as well as Head Office roles.

If you would like further information on how we can assist you with you’re recruitment needs please get in touch at or call on 027 580 9103

We will be delighted to hear from you and welcome the opportunity of working together in the near future.