Brief Tips for writing your Curriculum Vitae

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  • CV should be unique and make you stand out, demonstrating your skills and abilities


  • Style your CV for the job you are applying for


  • Ensure dates are included and accurate


  • Ensure the format is easy to read and don’t use different fonts/sizes


  • Ideally keep your CV to 2 pages


  • Tell the truth and don’t over exaggerate


  • Include a Personal Profile – this is to inject your personality and abilities. Write a few sentences and include long term goals


  • Include examples of commercial success, problem solving/achievements


  • Collate all concurrent temporary assignments (eg October 2016 to Present), then list company names etc


  • As your career progresses only include jobs in last 10/15 years


  • Explain gaps in CV i.e. Travelling/Higher Education etc


  • Record your CV in chronological order (recent first)


  • Ensure Higher Education and relevant courses stated


  • List relevant software and computer skills


  • Regularly update CV